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Training Apparatus Brochure

Training Apparatus

(Success require regular practice.)


Learn to golf or improve
your golf game
In the privacy of your home.

Consistency is the key to success!

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.”

- Jim Rohn

Johnie Collier III

Inventor & CEO of Golf for Sure, LLC


Iron Play Solutions, apparatus pertain to a golf training device, more specifically a golf iron swing and golf ball contact, indoor & outdoor training instrument.

Golf is a difficult sport to conquer and the ability to consistently repeat success on the golf course is a challenge thus, controlling the golf ball during play is the intended goal. Most golfers agree that positive outcome require regular practice if one is to develop the skills necessary for consistency & success.


This indoor / outdoor training apparatus was invented for all golfers but is expected to be very popular among women, especially non golfers and individuals that want to improve their golf play.


Apparatus purpose

The present invention enables a practicing golfer the ability to execute a golf shot using a golf iron and golf ball under conditions that emulate golf course play. Once executed the golf shot may be analyzed using the impact sound of the club with the ball and the ball with the rebound board, also by observation of the swing of the cord and ball after contact with the rebound board, compared with divout mark on mat after club contact with ball.

The golf for sure training apparatus can assist experienced golfers and beginners in many other ways to include the one's listed below.

  • Allow uninterrupted indoor / outdoor training and practice using conventional golf equipment.
  • Allow training and practice using apparatus just as what take place on the practice range or golf course.
  • Allow realistic and instant analysis of training and practice to include repetitive proper golf club swing, golf ball contact and the ability to identify and correct negative outcome.
  • Allow training and practice that will reinforce confidence.
  • Allow practicing golfer to develop pre-shot routines that will help generate consistency.
  • Help develop eye, hand, golf club and ball contact and coordination.
  • Virtually eliminate down time, (golfer's worst enemy).
  • Noticeable reduction of training cost. Especially if there are more than one family member learning to golf.

Traditional Golf Training Cost
Golf for Sure Apparatus Cost

When we considered setting the price for Golf For Sure, training apparatus several factor were considered.


Traditional training cost with a coach,

Traditional training cost with a coach, aver. cost per 1 hr. session $75 - $150 (many sessions required), Est. average 2 session per mo./yr. cost $1800-$3600

Practice range cost, Est. cost per visit $10 - $30, Est. aver. 2 visits per mo./yr. cast $240-$720

Beginners (intro. to basics) Cost

Reccom. Min. session 15ea.
Average cost per 1 hr. session $45 - $150

  • Est. cost per yr. Min. $675 - $2250

Training cost to improve game

Yearly cost per research.

  • Juniors - $832 - $3454
  • Adults - $1849 - $3675

Golf for sure, training apparatus one time cost, $899.00

Golf for sure recommend taking an occasional coaching lesson, and also an occasional visit to the (driving) range.

We have the answer!

Many women and non-golfers are seeking a way to learn the golf game but under conditions and opportunities that meet their needs. Golf for sure training apparatus will give anyone that want to learn or improve their game that opportunity.

The big division in our target market is gender based and female prospects are very sensitive about being watched while training and many have limited time to schedule practice. Our patented product will allow privacy and unlimited practice opportunities to be performed in the confines of your / their own homes.


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