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Enhance Your Game with Iron Play Solutions Training Apparatus


Our device will help you train to improve your swing, shot alignment, coordination between the eyes, hands, and club and develop muscle memory for a more consistent swing, ball contact and putting.


  • Indoor/outdoor golf training apparatus.
  • Adaptable for left- or right-hand players.
  • 5 feet by 7 feet dual-purpose mat for iron or putting practice.


  • Allow training in the privacy of your home without being exposed to Public embarrassment.
  • Allow training unaffected by inclement weather and after normal hours.
  • Allow pre-shot routine development for consistency.
  • Golf ball placement, set-up, and ball contact. (Short and middle irons) Eye, hand, club, and ball contact/coordination.
  • Middle iron swing practice and shot alignment.
  • Golf iron training is a self-trainer that allows for analysis of every shot.
  • Allow for the development of motor muscle memory.
  • Allow training for both left- and right-handed players.
  • Allow for reduced training costs, unlimited training time, and multiple family members learning to golf.
  • Allow for training without interrupting personal daily schedules.
  • Reduce or eliminate downtime during the off-season.
  • Allow the opportunity to improve putting.
  • You can follow professional training sessions on the Web to improve weak areas of your game.


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